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Massage Virtuose

My name is Olivier, I was born in Marseille and I left France for Germany in 1995 where I pursued a rich career as a classical and contemporary dancer. After rewarding years with engagements in various opera houses, including the Komische Oper Berlin, I wondered how I could share my specific knowledge of the human body with the world, and therefore I naturally decided to turn to massages and wellness.

Trained in 2008 at the Centro Delfino school in Berlin, I have since always worked as a massage therapist in the finest spas of the German capital (Soho House Berlin, Hotel de Rome...) where I had the privilege bring relaxation and peace of mind to an often high-end clientele who appreciates quality and discretion.

Yesterday as today, dance is always present in my head, whatever I do! When I give a massage, I give you the exact treatment that the dancer that still lives in me would like to receive!

Being a dancer is to have acquired the ability to feel the body. All types of bodies. Few people are dancers, but many are lawyers, nurses, secretaries or drivers. Sitting for hours every day in front of a computer screen, being stuck in a car, limiting your movements; all those things contribute to creating an intense tension, mainly on the back. And thats why, through the years I develloped a combination of Deep Tissue with the soothing technique of Lomi Lomi.

Let yourself go completely on my massage table for an hour or more and I will ensure that your soul, your muscles and your body return to the state they should always be in: relaxed, painless, free and at peace.


After 12 years of working with a diverse and demanding public who is accustomed of receiving various modeling techniques all around the world, I have become convinced of the effectiveness of the Deep Tissue massage, when it is embellished with the calm and long enveloping movements of the Tahitian Lomi Lomi. A perfect blend to accomplish a complete rebalancing of the body while bringing peace and serenity to the mind.

The Deep Tissue benefits are: Total relaxation of tension, improvement of joint mobility and restoration of flexibility and muscle elasticity.


60 mins. : € 70,–
90 mins. : € 95,–
120 mins. : € 130,-

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Partners who trusted me in Berlin

I’m a mobile massage therapist, and I'm specialized in Deep Tissue therapy. I've worked 12 years long in Berlin's finest spas and hotels, don’t hesitate to contact me and I’ll come to you.

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MASSAGE virtuose Marseille – Aix en Provence
Olivier Virtuose
Tel: +33 6 75 89 08 38
Don't hesitate to contact me.
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We can speak english, und Deutsch geht auch !

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